Horizons Project 2009

Lincoln County Crossroads

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Crestfield Now


The Horse & Carriage used to be the stage stop and livery stable in Crestfield. Ma Trevor told her boys to wall off a corner of the livery stable so people would have a place to rest and eat. That was back in the mid 1870’s, as the years went by the Horse & Carriage became a restaurant and lounge, one of the finer ones in Crestfield. Rumor has it that the Hole in the wall gang would avoid causing trouble around Crestfield just so they could enjoy the fine cooking.

Cassandra Bentley is the new owner of the Horse & Carriage as of about six months ago. Cassandra is a tall, long dark haired beauty that can turn the head of most any man. Cassandra moved to Crestfield from New Orleans. Her claim to fame is, she has buried three husbands. When asked about it, she says if you were married to me, do you think you would last very long? Whether by prowess or poison, she’s probably right.     

Vance was headed home after work on an early fall afternoon. He loved spending his days listening to the old AM station on the radio and driving truck. The Dark Horse, rebuilt for a while now and had its five hundred mile break in time, was ready to saddle up and ride. On his way home he stopped by the little country store to get an ice tea for the ride home. When he got back in the car, a call came over his police radio, special unit forty seven what’s your ten twenty? Vance answered I’m at the little country store north of town.

Sherriff Steve West comes back on the radio, “Vance we have a little black sports car that ran through town, we’re in pursuit but they are doing over a hundred miles an hour, could you get out in front of them and slow them down at least through the two miles where all those homes are .”

“Sure I can do that.” Vance answered.

“You better get to moving then.” Steve replies.

He starts the engine and hears the horses under the hood say giddy up, let’s go. He pulls out on to the highway and gets up to speed. He could see in the mirror, a little black sports car moving fast. Vance turns on the lights on his dash and rear window and starts to move from lane to lane, back and forth to slow them down. Vance was doing about seventy when he started shifting from lane to lane. He got them down to about sixty while going through the residential area.  He knew that at low speeds they could sling shot around him and they did. Now they were in open road again and could speed up, but Vance knew something they didn’t; Chuck Harris the state policeman for the area was coming from the north and would block the road to bring the chase to an end.

Vance pulled over after being passed and let all of the pursuit vehicles pass him, and then he fallowed behind to see how it would end. The little black sports car was speeding by another dark colored car when the other car appeared to push them off the road into the lava field. When this happened Vance noticed the tail lights of the car they were passing flash. What came to his mind was that those were the lights of an older Charger, 69 -70, something like that.

A long time ago Vance had a friend that had a black 70 Dodge Charger. They were at a party, or a gathering one night and he just got in his car and left. Vance never saw him again, he thought he probably had went back east where he’d come from.

When Vance pulled up the couple that were in the car were hollering and screaming they were going to sue. Vance could hear Deputy Tom Hawk saying; “Yah, Yah, Yah, tell it to the judge.” Vance laughed under his breath then went to look for state patrolman Chuck Harris, when he found officer Harris, Chuck was filling out a report.

“May I ask you a quick question?” Vance asked.

Chuck replied; “Sure go ahead.”

“Did you notice a dark colored car going north; it may have really been moving.” Vance said.

“No I can’t say I did.” Officer Harris answers.

Vance thanks Officer Harris then gets in the Dark Horse and travels north. He had seen the tire marks in the right hand lane that told him the car in that lane had accelerated leaving rubber. Vance thought he would drive up the road a ways and take a look at the cow trails to see if there were any fresh tracks. His mind kept going back to his friend, what happened to him he thought.

Vance was a little disappointed that he couldn’t find anything as far as tracks, so he turned around headed back. The E.M.T.s were there by then and checking the couple out. Lilly was Vance’s cousin. She has worked for Lakecrest County E.M.T.s for almost ten years now. Lilly and Rick finished checking them out and said they were ok.

“I would like you to take them to the hospital in Jaden.” Sherriff West said.

“Why?” Lilly asked.

“The way those two are caring on, I don’t want them to say we didn’t take care of them proper.” Sherriff West states.

Lilly and Rick load them up in the ambulance and take them to the hospital. Deputy Hawk followed so he could take them to jail after they were checked out.

Vance headed home but he couldn’t stop thinking about his old friend.