Horizons Project 2009

Lincoln County Crossroads

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Dark Horse Resurrection

 Dark Horse Resurrection

The train had passed: Vance looked both ways and crossed the tracks. He was always amazed at how a few moments of memoires could cover a large expanse of time. Vance thought to himself, our minds are just like those tiny computer chips that hold billions of pieces of data except we have all those wonderful or not so wonderful abstract emotions with our memoires. Vance pulled into the district shop yard pondering his day’s work ahead and his mission afterwards.

Louise Belton passed on. Louise was a hundred and one years old and had seen a lot of things happen in Lakecrest County. Vance was Louise’s third cousin removed or she was his great-great cousin or something like that. Louise’s father was Vance’s mother’s Great Uncle. Louise and her husband had done very well for themselves. She saw that most all of what they had went to charity, but kept enough to see that all of the family would get a few dollars to remember her by.

Darren, Vance’s brother, was going to pay some bills, a wise choice. Vance wanted to have some fun, so he had another thought, maybe not a great thought, but a thought never the less. Vance had wanted to repaint his old car and put the 440 engine he had in it. The Dark Horse would ride again he thought. Convincing Kitt would be another story in its self. The plan was after work Vance would go see his friend Steve West, the sheriff of Lakecrest County.

Steve came from a bit further west than Idaho. He had been a big city police detective on the coast, but something happened there that Steve just never talk about. Vance figured when Steve was ready to talk about it, they would, and if not that was ok too. Steve thought he would move to Idaho with his wife Abby, and they would live a quiet life. Steve and Abby bought a two hundred acre ranch between Crestfield and Diablo Pass, and for a couple of years they rode horses and stocked the place with cattle.  When election time rolled around Steve felt as if he needed to do something, so he put his name in the hat and was elected sheriff.  People who have met him think he is honest and trust worthy and that was what swung the vote for him.

Vance was getting off work now, it had been a day shifting gears up and down and patching holes in roads. He did like listening to the diesel engines sing up and down the highway. To him it was as good as listening to the old AM station on the radio that played classic county gold all day long. Vance was now headed to the courthouse to see if his friend was in.

The Lakecrest County Courthouse stands as a guardian to the community. The old rock building was put up in 1899 and stands as a testament to what people use to do, build things that lasted. Over a hundred years it has stood watch over the county in the old town square, and if no one tears it down, it will be standing a hundred years from now.

Vance walks into the courthouse to see if Steve was in. Steve was standing at a desk “looking over some papers. “Steve West, sheriff of Lakecrest County how are you doing,” Vance asks?

“I’m doing fine Vance, and you?”

“I am well, also,” Vance replies, “but I do have a question for you.”

“What’s that,” Steve asks?

“What do I have to do to become one of those reserve deputies,” Vance asks?

Steve replies, “You come to a meeting once a month and we try to do a little training and then we call you for Fair and Parade duty as needed.”

 Vance asks, “When will you have your next meeting.”

“It’s the second Saturday of each month at ten in the morning here at the court house,” Steve tells him.

“Thanks Steve, if I get the chance I will see you at the next meeting. OK?”

“What’s this all about,” Steve asks?

Vance replies, “I want to spend some money on my car, if I can tell Kitt I’m a reserve Deputy I may be able to get away with it, I think.”

 Steve started to laugh, “Yeah right.”

“It’s an idea you know,” Vance confirmed.

Steve tells Vance, “I’ll see you around. Then he walks back into his office. Vance turns to leave and waves to a couple of people he knows as he heads out the door of the courthouse. Vance thinks to himself: I’m going home; it’s been a good day.

 When Vance gets home he does his chores and then fixes dinner for Kitt. She liked Chinese so he made her stir fry and had the table set when she got home. Kitt works up north like Darren, Vance’s brother and so many others in the area. Kitt works in an office and Darren works construction, he likes to see what he’s accomplished at the end of the day. Kitt likes knowing she’s helping people get their problems solved. When Kitt gets home she notices Vance has the table set and dinner ready, one of her favorites so she knew something was up. The two enjoyed dinner and then Kitt smiles and asks, “So what’s up?”

 Vance realizes this really may not work, but here goes, “I would like to use some of the money Louise left us to work on my car. I’ve talked to Steve about being one of those reserve deputies, so I would like to paint the Dark Horse and put the 440 in it.”

 Kitt smiles, “You have been a fair husband so I guess we can spend some money on your old car. I don’t want you to tell anyone I said that, I will deny it. OK?”

“Thank you dear,” Vance said and thought, yes, Dark Horse resurrection!

 Vance would get in touch with the local speed shop and get started on the project. No, Vance would call his old racing buddy, Terry Nolton. Terry was a motor head from way back and a friend that Vance had not had a chance to see much lately, this would be a chance to rectify that.