Horizons Project 2009

Lincoln County Crossroads

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Lake Crest County

The Lake Crest County Story, coming soon to this page.

Lakecrest County is a fictional story referencing historical events.

Upcoming events in Lakecrest County.

Bart only liked three things, ladies of the evening, drinking and killing people. Clent could tell this young romeo cowboy was next on his list.

The ancient mopar rolled on to the county road. With an explosion of thunder it lifted off the asphalt like the Phenix rising from the ashes. It disappeared in the cool evening air leaving nothing, but the echoing sound of thunder behind.

So cowboy are you going to rock my world? she asked.
No ma'am I'm going to countyfy it. he says.

Every morning she would pray, Lord I know you are coming, but if you're not coming soon pleasee send me a good christian husband, thank you.

In the sereen setting, he says the only thing that seems to fit the situation. One to beam up Scotty.